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5 tips to step your game up in today’s music industry

Reach Magazine TV’s  host James “J” Love has been in “game” since 1994. In that time  J has gone from being an indie artist running a small independent record label, to heading a multi-media full service entertainment company and marketing firm.  J- Love has also released and produced four independent musical compositions.

He reveals 5 tips to step your game up in today’s music industry.
1. Get technological.
Technology enables everyone to do something exciting at the click of a button.
“It’s beautiful because it’s so easy to go global. We all have an advantage now, back in the day we use to sell our music out of our trunks, at the park, and at school – not so glamorous.”
2. Put your music out there.
Programs like Soundclick and Twiturn  provide services to digitally download and share your music online. “Not having to physically manufacture CD’s makes it easier for people to distribute their music.”
3. Get your social media grind on.
Make your presence known on social media sites like MySpace, Twitter, Bebo & You Tube. Make sure you keep your friends interested by constantly posting new content, and updating regularly. Take Soulja Boy,  for example, his popularity on MySpace & YouTube, led him to land a record deal. “Whether you love or hate his music, he completely changed the game.”
4. Beat your music up.
Getting producers to produce beats are expensive, to make your own beats use programs like Frutyloops  or Cake Walk.  What if you don’t have the ingenuity to make your own beats? This brings me to the next tip.
5. Make a mixtape.
A mix tape or an underground CD that has instrumentals already used by some artists is a great way to break into thegame. You just have to make sure your lyrics and style are banging.jlove

Success is based on ingenuity and hustle. If you don’t have the money to do it, its ok, just get your grind on.”~J-Love


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