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Who inspires you?

Inspiration: a divine influence*

We want to know who inspires you! As part of the Reach Magazine TV Fan Giveaway, we will be asking you, THE FANS, to answer via Twitter or our blog who or what inspires you.

Whether in one sentence or in a small paragraph, give thanks to those that inspire you and tell us who they are! If you have more to say than the 140 characters on Twitter , feel free to comment below.

The allotted time will be today, Thursday, October 1 beginning at 10:30 a.m. PST through Friday, October 2 ending at 10: 30 a.m. PST. The Reach Magazine TV team will then choose 5 winners; based on the most heartfelt and inspiring answer. Prizes from Cardboard Robot  and  Anvil Knitwear.

Who inspires our hosts??

J-Love – “Anyone whose ever been stepped on in life, whose ever been the underdog, who had known losing more than winning. That person inspires me because I know what it’s like to lose. My hope is that I can inspire them not to give up.”

J.O. – “Who inspires me is anyone who has the tenacity to drive to achieve their goals no matter the obstacles they face and whether big or small they become over comers and reach the top! That is who inspires me.”

Sherrie Marlene – “There are a few things that inspire me. My family is a daily inspiration to me, they are a constant reminder to keep moving forward. God’s love is the ultimate inspiration to me. It amazes me that through God all things are possible, which means no goal is out of reach. How could anything be more inspirational than that?”

* inspirational.(2009). In Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.


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  1. Honestly…Mankind inspires me. Because even with all the “crap” happening in this world, we all continue, live our daily lives. We go to work and do our jobs. We take care of our children, helping them to learn and grow. We love our spouses or significant others. We keep going taking each day at a time.

    Comment by Brooke Higgins | October 1, 2009 | Reply

  2. If it was’nt for the ministry of
    VICTORY OUTREACH,and the Recovery Homes,I don’t know where my family would be! My children, are the 4th generation in our family to be brought up in the things of God through V.O.!
    I thank GOD and am proud to be apart of a ministry thats not afraid to reach out to the lost in the inner cities.

    Comment by Wyonah Dominguez | October 2, 2009 | Reply

  3. The most inspiring person to me is my mom. Even though she lost her leg to cancer at the age of 18 she still reaches out to help others. She started a Family Involvement center at her school which gets parents more involved with children’s education. She goes out of her way to plan bridal showers and baby showers. She does small things like change the letters on the bulletin board outside of the school without being asked to do it. She is a Title One reading teacher which works with children who have some difficulty in reading. She is the most caring and compassionate person I know. I love her so much. She inspires me to be a better person and make a difference.

    Comment by Erin Cook | October 2, 2009 | Reply

  4. Jesus Inspires me!…I was once in a place where I wanted it all to end!…then I heard a small Voice say…”I am Here…I been here…let me know when your ready to Listen…and do it my way…you’ve seen where your way got you” After Getting another Chance to get it Right,I surrendered my Life to God…Since then Ive decided the give my gift of Singing back to Becoming a Christian Artist! Ive Developed a Great Hunger For spreading a Positive message to youth of this World….Today Teens Duplicate what they see on TV and its not Often Positive. I wanna let them know that its Ok to be different..not every guy has to sell drugs…have a Huge Necklace, Floss money in the club.and brag about there ride.To the young ladies, who feel they gotta Wear less to gain attention and sell this “Easy Girl” image to attract a guy. its about Being the Best you, you Can be! Waking up every morning Doing what you love..that way you Never have to work a day in your Life..that to me is being successful!


    Comment by George Lott aka "GL" | October 2, 2009 | Reply

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