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“God, Talk to Me”

Recently on my trip to Colorado, I ran into a young man who spent the last 15 years of his life in and out of prison. He attended a service that I was speaking at and I felt the impulse to speak some words of encouragement directly to him. I didn’t think much of it at the time. After the service, I enjoyed my trip in Colorado then came home and went back to working on my many projects.

About a month after running into this young man, his aunt approached me at an event. She shared with me that she got a call from her nephew about some crazy guy he met named J-Love who came to Colorado and deeply impacted his life. His aunt and whole family had been aggressively praying for him for years, and she told me no one could get through to him.

He said the things that I shared with him were so profound that it caused him instantly not only to evaluate his life but to right then and there make a change. He has since then denouncd all gang activity, drugs and crime he was affiliated with. He has completed turned his life around and is now dedicated to God.

jloveThis act inspired me because more times than not, you have no idea whether or not you truly impact anyone’s life. To be 1,200 miles away from him and meet this young man’s aunt and whole family really put me into perspective. I didn’t know he was a gang member, drug addict, drug dealer… 

His aunt shared with me that the night we met he was about to give up church. It was either “God, talk to me” or “I give up” – he didn’t give up.  ~ from J-Love, host of Reach Magazine TV


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