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Saving $$ can be easy!


We have all been hit in some way by the recent recession, whether it’s by raised taxes or you or someone you may know has been laid off.  Whatever the case, there are simple, yet effective, ways we can all help the economy and put a little extra cash in your pocket.

1. Carpool or ride a bike whenever possible.  Gas is a killer for many and it’s only rising, so carpooling with friends or riding a bike to burn some extra calories is a great way to save money and keep in shape.

2. Pack a lunch a couple times a week. Lets face it, eating out all the time may be nice for the taste buds, but a drain on your wallet and your health.  Packing a lunch two or three times a week can be much healthier and cheaper.

“I bring my own lunch to work everyday! It saves money, homecooked food lasts longer, and I really enjoy cooking,” says Sherrie Marlene, co host of Reach Magazine TV. “I cook meals in bulk then freeze them in tupperware to take to work with me.”

3. Rent instead of buy.  Books, movies, houses… any way to get what you want for less sounds good to us!

4. When grocery shopping, try and do it all in one trip and maybe try a few generic brands instead of big name brands.  Doing all your shopping in one trip can save yourself money on gas and on the temptation to buy the stuff you don’t really need on those second and third trips if you forgot something the first time around.  Also, generic brands aren’t necessarily worse than big brand names so try a few out next time and save a couple bucks.

“At my house, we do one bulk shopping trip per month  and only really go to the store if we run out of eggs or milk before the month is up. By the way, we buy almost everything in generic brands; there’s really no difference (except for in a few favorite items),” says Sherrie Marlene.

5. Protect your big investments by keeping regular maintenance on them.  Cars, bikes, computers… these are our babies and we want them to last as long as they possibly can so get them regularly checked out (oil changes, checking air in tires, virus protection).  And if possible do it yourself to save $$.

There are literally hundreds of ways to cut down on spending and stay money savvy, the hardest thing about it is actually staying with it.  And especially with Christmas around the corner, we want to be able to give our loved ones the things they deserve so saving now will benefit everyone in the long run.  Enjoy your new outlook on saving money and have fun with it!! Have a blessed day!


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  1. Here is another one of my saving tips: I also dilute my juices. I use to be against the idea because I thought, why not just drink water, but it’s still very tasty! Try it… You may be surprised!

    Comment by Sherrie Marlene | November 2, 2009 | Reply

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