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October Night: A Poem by Sherrie Marlene



In life we all go through various obstacles, challenges, and misfortunes.  As a result we’ve all been faced with the question of:

“Will I overcome this situation?” or “Will I be a victim to this situation?”

When I was 16 years old the house my family and I lived in for 10 years burned to the ground.  My family and I lost everything.  Poems have always been a form of therapy for me, and I although I stopped for a period in my life, my desire for writing never died.  Here is a poem that briefly describes my memory of the house fire.

October Night

I know not what woke me up that night,

My eyes suddenly opened wide,

And yet I was unable to utilize my sight.

I frantically scrambled around to search for my phone,

I then realized at that moment, I was not alone.

As I headed to the door, I glanced to the right,

To see the flames as they raced through the house on this cold October night.

My screaming cries traveled all through the rooms as I fought through the heat,

I’ll never forget my mother’s face, it was a painful look of disbelief,

At the same moment, my father beside her stumbled to his feet.

One by one, the younger ones are brought to clean air,

After making that haunting call, I gazed around at the living nightmare.

The roof caved in, as the structure began to fall,

I see the ash float to the sky, as they once were memories that hung from our wall.

As I threw my arms around my family,

I prepared myself for the pain,

Because i knew in my heart things would never again be the same.

After the tears, I decided that night,

That was the end to a chapter, but not to my life.

Through the power of God, I chose to survive.

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Co-Host/ Segment Producer

This poem is copywritten by Sherrie Marlene.

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