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FASHION: Keep it Real, Keep it Classy

Reach Magazine TV fashionista Sherrie Marlene along with fashionistos J-Love and J.O.

are sharing a few favorite fashion tips for success. 

sherrie marlene, Reach Magazine TV4Sherrie Marlene – “The most important fashion accessory to never leave home without is confidence. It can make or break an outfit.”

Sherrie advises women to KEEP IT CLASSY. Her favorite style look is the modern day Audrey Hepburn; classy and eye catching. “Don’t forget ladies, you can wear fitted clothing to show your a woman, but make sure it wears loose enough to show your a lady.”

Must have: (under) Garment Guard – amazing for all seasons!!

j-love2J-Love – “Fellas: Keep that shoe game tight. Shoes should always be clean. Dirty kicks will totally bring down a great outfit. Ladies: Keep that toe game correct. Get those pedis, and if your on a budget at least keep them clean.”

Personally my favorite look is an amazing button down shirt under a sports coat paired with nice jeans and dressy loafers. It’s dressy and casual; I can wear this outfit to a meeting or a basketball game.

Must have: Jergens lotion – Classy not ashy, people!

j.o. of reach magazine tvJ.O. – “Fashion is what you make it. Put your soul into it; when you put your passion behind something, you can’t go wrong.”

Must have: FRESH sneakers, believe it or not – the shoes make the whole fit! Personally, I rock Nike Blazer, Dunks, and definitely Vlado Luxury Kicks – check em out!

Fashion tip: Less is more! Don’t over accessorize.


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