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2009: A Reach Magazine TV Review

What a great year we had here at Reach Magazine TV!

We finished shooting for Reach Magazine TV and are awaiting the launch in 2010, we have our own network, LA Media TV, and four more shows are in the works:

  1. Eso Es, the first of it’s kind, a daily bilingual talk show with a multicultural music video countdown featuring celebrity guests and an up and coming music artist each episode

  2. What’s Hott, centering on the most current and hottest trends in fashion, beauty fitness, health, dining, and entertainment in the L.A. area

  3. PUSH, an inspirational, extreme sports show which gives the youth an opportunity to check out their favorite extreme sports role models  pursue their dreams through sports, and…

  4. Time Out 4 Billy, shows a glimpse into the Rockabilly lifestyle through fashion, accessories, tattoos and music.

And on top of it all, our faith and strength in our Lord Jesus Christ has only become stronger and clearer and is the main fuel pushing everyone here in the office to get our groundbreaking new shows to you, the true believers, and we would like to thank each and every one of you who has kept up with Reach Magazine TV and Hosts J-Love, Sherrie Marlene and J.O. and we promise that 2010 will be one of the biggest and most exciting years to come! Stay tuned!  Peace and Love

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Facebook Changes Face of Privacy

Founded in 2004, Facebook’s main goal for the last 5, almost 6, years has been to make the world a more open and connected place for internet users, and we here at Reach Magazine TV think that they’ve done a fantastic job.

One of the newest (and most innovative) things to happen at Facebook has been their recent change to Privacy Protection and Control.

The new update, which was rolled out to the 350 million Facebook users worldwide on Dec. 9, was the first among internet services to offer such control.

You may remember seeing a notification box at the top of your news feed page the last time you logged into your Facebook that asked if you wanted to update your privacy settings or keep them the same.

Well if you decided to update, brand new tools are opened that let any Facebook user decide who, what, and how they send their info to.

Instead of using networks like school, city, etc. they are changing settings to include sending info to Friends, Friends of Friends, Everyone & Customized.

Everytime that you make a post you are now able to select a privacy setting within the post and edit your audience to who you want your information to go out to.

So that means that depending on whether you just found a rotten tomato is lameville, you just posted a photo of you and mom, or you want all your friends to know you’re watching J-LoveSherrie Marlene, and J.O. on Reach Magazine TV, your privacy is directly at your fingertips.

Thanks Facebook!

Source: PRNewswire

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Building a Foundation with Habitat for Humanity

This past Saturday, Reach Magazine TV joined Pomona Valley Habitat for Humanity for an event in Chino Hills, CA to help raise a “Dime a Day” to build a home for the deserving Cessna family.  Over a year ago, plans were made to raise money to build the Cessna family a home in the city.

The fundraising began on October 5, 2009 as part of World Habitat Day and will conclude January 5, 2010 with the collecting of the dime jars at Johnny Rockets at The Shoppes in Chino Hills.

A beautiful and deserving home takes a lot of time and effort to build; the Pomona Valley Habitat for Humanity knows because they’ve built 10 homes in Chino and 37 throughout the area.

Helping someone in need is something that should be done on a regular basis, it not only makes them feel special, but it will make yours and your families lives that much more rewarding. Like it says in the Bible “A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor.” Proverbs 22:9

“The amazing staff at Habitat for Humanity truly have a heart to help others succeed and that is the exact message we live by on Reach Magazine TV,” says host J.O., “If anyone wants to make a change, contact your local Habitat for Humanity and see what you can do, there are plenty of families who need someone to care.”

Reach Magazine TV will be assisting in building the Cessna home in Chino Hills. “We’re so excited to be a part of this project,” says host Sherrie Marlene, “I can’t wait to see the look on the family’s faces when they see their completed home for the first time.”  J-Love, Sherrie Marlene and J.O. at the Habitat for Humanity Event

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Universal Children’s Day and Other Observances

If you’re a mother or a father, you know that your children mean the world to you and you would do anything to preserve their welfare and their happiness. They are our future astronauts and presidents and just like anyone, they have their own rights too.

Today, Nov. 20, is Universal Children’s Day which was established by the United Nations (UN) as a global observance to promote the welfare and togetherness of children.

UNICEF, the United Nation’s Children’s Fund, promotes this day as well as children’s rights and has done so for the last 20 years.

Even though children probably don’t know it, their rights are the same as any other human. As part of education for this day teachers and parents are urged to teach their kids about “rights”, what they are, why are they so important, and maybe make light on less fortunate                  countries where children’s rights may not be practiced as respectfully.

(Photo credit: Bryson)

“If we don’t create a culture of education, tolerance and respect for our fellow man at a young age, kids will never have those basic moral foundations as adults and will not be able to function properly in society,” said Reach Magazine TV host, J-Love.

Interesting enough, we here at Reach Magazine TV found out that this week, Nov. 15-21, is also Bullying Awareness Week.

Bullying is definitely not ok to do to anyone, no matter if they did you wrong or what.  Teach your children to be the bigger person and work out their arguments with their friends without resorting to name calling or even hitting. The best thing you can do to a bully is to simply ignore him or her.  If they don’t receive the attention their craving then you’re the winner.

Geography Awareness Week and International Education Week are also observed this week and are great topics to teach your children about, especially since we live in such a culturally diverse country.

Try bringing these observances up at dinner time and have a nice meal at home with the family discussing ways we can all do our part to teach others how to stay aware.

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Aint No Party Like a Miracle Party

The Miracle Project creates a comfortable environment for children to express their creativity.  It is a theatre and film arts program for children with special needs and their typically developing siblings and peers.

One of the main things I loved about the Miracle Project is Elaine and the other instructors flowed with whatever direction the kid’s wanted to go while still maintaining structure within the program,” says Reach Magazine TV host Sherrie Marlene, “It was very apparent the kids were speaking straight from their heart, and it was refreshing to me because that’s what Reach Magazine TV is. We bring you heart, whether in the form of a child, an organization, or a situation.  It is shedding a little light on the many things that can make a difference in the world and it all starts with the heart.”

Often times the ability of children with special needs are underestimated.  When given the opportunity, these children can show us all in most cases, they have the biggest hearts to give.  That is what the Miracle Project does, it allows children to show their heart, and in return these children inspire others to help change the world. 
“After participating in one session of the Miracle project I was left with a new appreciation for my own children; the class made me realize the importance of supporting my children’s creativity.  I look forward to visiting all my new friends at the Miracle Project again.” – Sherrie Marlene 

The Miracle Project was documented for an HBO production called Autism: The Musical, which won two Emmy Awards.

Big thanks to Elaine Hall (Founder & Creative Director) and Diane Isaacs (Co-founder & Producer) for having Reach Magazine TV join the Miracle Project for a night of singing, acting, and expression!

“Elaine founded The Miracle Project in order for children to cultivate rich and joyful milestones with new friends, family, and community members. That sense of belonging amplifies each child’s and parent’s sense of thriving growth. Through her program and the many volunteers who come together to assure its success, Elaine is committed to providing the celebratory experiences and connections with one’s peers, which she believes is every child’s birthright.”

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Cha Cha Slide What? It’s All About the Sanctified Slide…

Yea ok, so we’ve all been guilty of doing the Cha Cha Slide at least once I’m sure. I mean, J-Love has probably been seen once or twice around the office clap, clap, clappin’ his hands!  But now the Cha Cha Slide has some competition… with the Sanctified Slide.

It’s definitely a fun dance, maybe even more fun because this one actually has some meaning behind it! I can’t tell you anymore, you just have to check it out yourself. Enjoy!!

Christopher Page~Sanctified Slide

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Reach Magazine TV; Edutaining the Masses

Reach Magazine TV

J-Love remembers “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” with fondness. He wants television to have similar offerings once again – entertainment that’s cool and wholesome, something you can watch with the entire family.

“[Reach Magazine TV is] something that’s fun and cool,” said Sherrie Marlene, “It’s not your cookie-cutter Christian show.”

Reach Magazine TV will feature music videos, celebrity interviews and segments on fashion trends. The first show will feature an interview with actor Ving Rhames (to air on LA Media TV).

To read the full article, click here.

Source: Daily Bulletin, November 3, 2009.

To learn more about Reach Magazine TV, visit the official website.

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Blogger Beach Cleanup

bbc-badge-1The Reach Magazine TV team will be joining Siel of green LA girl, Sara Bayles of The Daily Ocean  and other green-minded Angelenos for the Blogger Beach Cleanup Saturday, October 24 in Santa Monica, CA.

We will be picking up trash on Santa Monica Beach at Ocean Park between lifeguard stations 26 and 27 from 4:20 p.m. until 4:40 p.m.

The 20 minutes cleanup is open to anyone – blogger or not!  Learn why the clean up is only 20 minutes long at The Daily Ocean’s project.

“I’m looking forward to being so hands on with cleaning up the beach and helping to protect the environment at the BBC,” says Reach Magazine TV co-host J.O., “We’re all really excited to help out and spread awareness, and not only for cleaning beaches but helping to pick up trash at the local parks and even just picking up after yourself.”

If you’re in Southern California this is a great opportunity to celebrate International Day of Climate Action, help make a local SoCal beach cleaner and healthier, network with like-minded bloggers and even win prizes!

Learn about the prizes, how to sign up for the BBC, who is participating and more at green LA girl’s blog here.

About the organizers:

The Daily Ocean is a blog written by Sara Bayles, who’s cleaning Santa Monica beach for 365 non-consecutive days and documenting the process in a creative effort to bring attention to beach and ocean pollution.

green LA girl is Siel’s personal blog, covering eco-happenings in the L.A. area and beyond.

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FASHION: Keep it Real, Keep it Classy

Reach Magazine TV fashionista Sherrie Marlene along with fashionistos J-Love and J.O.

are sharing a few favorite fashion tips for success. 

sherrie marlene, Reach Magazine TV4Sherrie Marlene – “The most important fashion accessory to never leave home without is confidence. It can make or break an outfit.”

Sherrie advises women to KEEP IT CLASSY. Her favorite style look is the modern day Audrey Hepburn; classy and eye catching. “Don’t forget ladies, you can wear fitted clothing to show your a woman, but make sure it wears loose enough to show your a lady.”

Must have: (under) Garment Guard – amazing for all seasons!!

j-love2J-Love – “Fellas: Keep that shoe game tight. Shoes should always be clean. Dirty kicks will totally bring down a great outfit. Ladies: Keep that toe game correct. Get those pedis, and if your on a budget at least keep them clean.”

Personally my favorite look is an amazing button down shirt under a sports coat paired with nice jeans and dressy loafers. It’s dressy and casual; I can wear this outfit to a meeting or a basketball game.

Must have: Jergens lotion – Classy not ashy, people!

j.o. of reach magazine tvJ.O. – “Fashion is what you make it. Put your soul into it; when you put your passion behind something, you can’t go wrong.”

Must have: FRESH sneakers, believe it or not – the shoes make the whole fit! Personally, I rock Nike Blazer, Dunks, and definitely Vlado Luxury Kicks – check em out!

Fashion tip: Less is more! Don’t over accessorize.

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Fun Facts about the Reach Hosts

Get to know our Reach Magazine TV hosts. Check out fun facts below! 

Did you know that J-Love…reach flier

1)      Lived in San Salvador in Central America for one year.

2)      Went to school for performing arts. (Flip the channel, watch Reach Magazine TV!)

3)      Was in a musical of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Did you know that J.O…

1)      Is scared of spiders.

2)      Chooses his wife’s outfits. (Gotta love his fashion sense!)

3)      Wants to eventually open a sporting facility for troubled youth in an inner city.

Did you know that Sherrie Marlene…

1)      Is ½ Hispanic and ½ Creole. Creole is French with a black origin from Louisiana.

2)      Writes poems. In fact, she has gotten two published, the first when she was only 15-years-old.

3)      Started playing basketball at age 8 and continued throughout high school. (That’s right, she’s a jock!)

To learn more, check out the Hosts page on the official website.

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