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The Reach Magazine TV Fan Giveaway

As our way of saying thanks for all of your support, Reach Magazine TV is holding “The Reach Magazine TV Fan Giveaway” next week!


Between MONDAY, September 28, 2009 and FRIDAY, October 2, 2009 we will select the winners based on the specifications through our updates/announcements on Twitter and Facebook. Read the official rules below.


How to enter and how we will contact the winner

 All entries must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of the United States not including Puerto Rico and Alaska.

To win you must be a follower or friend of Reach Magazine TV on Twitter and/or Facebook and include all other specific entry information that is required in the contest announcement on the Twitter/Facebook pages.

To increase chances of winning a prize, connect with Reach Magazine TV on both Twitter and Facebook! The giveaway will be held Monday through Friday of next week, and will be conducted on either Twitter or Facebook each day; follow us on Twitter for updates!

Winners of Twitter/Facebook based contests will be chosen depending on the specifications that comply with the rules outlined in the contest update(s)/ announcement(s) on Twitter/Facebook. We are not responsible for any errors attributable to the Facebook or Twitter website regardless of the reason. We are not responsible for any errors attributable to internet/wireless connections.

If you are the winner we will contact you through the specific profile you entered the contest. Before receiving the prize, you must contact Reach Magazine TV Twitter/Facebook administrator from the profile you used to enter the contest within 10 days of being notified of winning the contest. If you fail to respond to the message, or reply, you forfeit the prize.

Submitting text or other media for contest

Text entries that win “best of” contests will be judged entirely at the discretion of Reach Magazine TV. By submitting text, or other form of media to Reach Magazine TV, you hereby grant to Reach Magazine TV and its employees, the right to use, edit, publish and otherwise make use of the submitted text or other media.

By entering the contest you acknowledge and agree that Reach Magazine TV shall have no obligation to post, display or make publicly available any text or other form of media submitted by you. Furthermore, you hereby waive any right you might have to pursue Reach Magazine TV for any claim of any type that arises from or is related to any Reach Magazine TV contest in which you participate.

Each winner must supply Reach Magazine TV with his/her name, mailing address, birth date, and daytime and nighttime telephone numbers. A request for a substitute or alternative prize will not be granted. If the specified prize becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, Reach Magazine TV may substitute a prize of like or equal value.

Reach Magazine TV employees and their family members are prohibited from winning any prize. Reach Magazine TV deserves the right to alter the rules of any contest at anytime. If you have any questions or complaints about our contest, please contact

Contributing Giveaway Prize Sponsors:

J Pierce —

Tea Stain Clothing —

Lit DPM Clothing Co. —

Michael Jackson Tribute Tee —

Anvil —

Cardboard Robot —

Rebel Green —

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Join the Rebel Green Revolution!

Rebel Green founders are breeding the next generation of eco-friendly products that are not plain, frumpy styles you may expect from organic clothing. Rebel Green designs are chic and edgy and they have collections for men, women and children.

Rebel Green’s vision is about stirring a small revolution in your wardrobe that will inspire other to rethink their habits. Their products are designed to last and are made in the USA using sustainable materials. 

Plus, the small revolution created in your closet extends worldwide, as a percentage of their sales goes to charitable initiatives that go to clean water and fight hunger. Charities include Charity Water, Great Lakes Water Institute, and Growing Power

Reach Magazine TV host Sherrie Marlene got together with Rebel Green principals Melina Marcus and Ali Ruvin at MAGIC in Las Vegas, Nevada. There they gave the Reach crew the latest scoop on their rebellious products.

Our favorites: Rebel Green Litter-Free Lunch Tote with a Litter-Free Reusable Napkin and Fruit and Veggie Clean.

Fruit and Veggie CleanLitter-Free Lunch Tote

 Join the revolution at Rebel Green’s official website. These ladies are determined to create a waste-free, lead-free alternative that’s safe for your entire family. Get ready to watch the interview  on Reach Magazine TV.

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