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Reach Magazine TV; Edutaining the Masses

Reach Magazine TV

J-Love remembers “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” with fondness. He wants television to have similar offerings once again – entertainment that’s cool and wholesome, something you can watch with the entire family.

“[Reach Magazine TV is] something that’s fun and cool,” said Sherrie Marlene, “It’s not your cookie-cutter Christian show.”

Reach Magazine TV will feature music videos, celebrity interviews and segments on fashion trends. The first show will feature an interview with actor Ving Rhames (to air on LA Media TV).

To read the full article, click here.

Source: Daily Bulletin, November 3, 2009.

To learn more about Reach Magazine TV, visit the official website.

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Up Close & Personal at the San Diego Zoo

Reach Magazine TV co-hosts J.O. and Sherrie Marlene spent a day at the San Diego Zoo interacting with animals, learning about the conservation of animals and their habitats, and overall having a blast with San Diego Zoo Ambassador Rick Schwartz.

Rick introduced our hosts to some special residents of the Zoo, including Kala the Meerkat, Isa the Fossa, and Shaman the Great Horned Owl.

Our hosts were edutained on Zoo animal facts such as apes do not have tails and monkeys do, and on interesting facts about the San Diego Zoo, such as the Zoo was founded in 1916 and is a non-profit organization.

“Amongst the many unbelievable facts I learned at the San Diego Zoo, the one that is most imprinted on my heart is the fact that owls have hollow bones.  These beautiful creatures give off the perception of being threatening with their fierce talons, but in reality, they are actually quite delicate animals,” says Sherrie Marlene.San Diego Zoo, Reach Magazine TV

God created all living creatures to be unique and equip with the necessities to fulfill their own individual purpose.  Take the time to really look at the beauty of nature around you; you may be surprised at what you see.”

The mission of the San Diego Zoo is conservation, and to save endangered species and their habitats. Learn how you can help here.

For more on the San Diego Zoo go to their official website, and make sure you stop by if  you are visiting San Deigo, CA (check out ticket prices here). If you live in Southern California, check out their amazing deals on membership passes.

San Diego Zoo, Reach Magazine TV2


Stay tuned for the San Diego Zoo episode of Reach Magazine TV and don’t miss the hilarious footage of Sherrie Marlene feeding the beautiful giraffes at the Zoo!

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