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Stay Fresh and Pay Respect to the King of Pop

Michael Jackson T-Shirt

Michael Jackson, the“Most Successful Entertainer of All Time” according to Guinness World Records, and a generally good hearted man who devoted so much of his time and his wealth to charitable organizations, will always have a place in the hearts of Americans. And now, Redefine The Tee has created a brand new way to pay tribute to the King of Pop with their Limited Edition Michael Jackson Tribute Tee.

The tees are available for both men and women in a black regular tee and a black or red long dress tee.  All shirts feature Michael Jackson’s signature sequined white glove and written across the front are 18 of his No.1 hits.

Reach Magazine TV‘s own J-Love got the chance to interview Founder and Creative Fashion Director of Redefine the Tee, Monique Spence, at the MAGIC Marketplace trade show in Las Vegas, NV and found out these HOT new tees are not only a fashion statement, but are also for a good cause.  Fifteen percent of the proceeds of the new MJ Tribute Tee will go to the music program at Theodore Roosevelt High School in Gary, IN where the Jackson brothers attended.

“You can never go wrong if you’re giving back,” said J-Love in his interview with Monique Spence

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Fox Tail, anyone?

Reach Magazine TV co-hosts Sherrie Marlene and J.O.

w/ the Soulful Commandoe crew

Soulful Commandoe

No, Reach Magazine TV host J.O. does not have an animal attached to his hip; that’s a Soulful Commandoe signature Fox Tail!

Worn by celebs such as Jay Z, The New Boyz, and our own J.O., Soulful Commandoe is keeping it fresh with the hottest trends and fashions today.

From beginning with a batch of tee shirts being sold out of SC’s Nicholas Mayfield’s 1993 Honda Civic to now having some of the most talented artists in the entertainment industry rock the gear, Soulful Commandoe has come a long way and continues to push for success. To read their full story, visit their official site.

“Anything positive that anyone puts their heart and soul into is destined to be great,” says J.O. about Soulful Commandoe, his personal clothing sponsor, “So when you rock Soulful Commandoe know that you are representing a movement, something truly inspiring and incredible.”

Soulful Commandoe is a frame of mind — It’s about fighting and not giving up on how you feel in your soul.

Follow Soulful Commandoe on their rise to the top, and don’t miss J.O. from Reach Magazine TV representing the soulful brand!


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